Story-Telling Composite 

This is a composite I have made in the style of Maggie Taylor. If you have never seen her work, you should research her. She has a very fairytale, imaginary feel to her images. Most don’t make sense- and they’re not supposed to- and that’s what I love about them!

This composite has a total of 5 images. The first is a scanned photograph of my Grandfather, Afton Smith, whose head I have masked out. The second is a full body image of a friend whose body I have used for my grandfather’s head. I was very pleased with how well they fit together! (hahah) I was very pleased about the lighting in each image. The scenery is from an image I took in the Teton Valley (55mm, f5.6, 1/160th, 800 ISO). My fourth image is a texture I found online that includes a scratched look. Lots of Maggie Taylor’s images have this look in her backgrounds. My final image is actually a copy of the man, with a 50% grey fill, and warped to give a more realistic shadow cast.

Some additional edits I have made to this image are hue painting over the grass houses and trees. I brightened the houses with the Dodge Tool. I changed the color of the man’s hands from a more realistic color to the color of the man’s face by adding mask to his hands, desaturating his skin and then adding a slight, yellow-orange hue. A blue hue was added to the man’s eyes to make them a little livelier. I only added the texture image to the sky and added an opacity of 32%. I added a few grunge brushstrokes to the edges to give a more rustic look. My watermark is also blended in into the corner.

I hope you enjoy this composite, I had a lot of fun experimenting!

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