What is a lifestyle session? A lifestyle session is captured in a way that tells the story of you and the ones you love in an unposed way. This type of session has documentary style attributes and is intended to show you in your most natural state. One tends to be in their most natural state in the home- which is why these sessions are done in the home or similar environment.

I’m really camera shy / awkward. How do I approach that? Hey – guess what. So am I. So I get how you feel! However, one of my jobs as your storyteller is to make sure you feel at ease. Before the session, and right at the start of your session, I’ll be sure to let you know my plan so you’re not caught off guard. I’ll keep the conversation going and all you have to worry about is just being there and being you! If there’s ever anything you feel uncomfortable with just let me know – I am sensitive to the way you’re feeling and open to any ideas you may have that will make the session better!

When will I receive my photos / film? Turnaround time is one week per hour of shooting. Ex: 2 hours of photographing means you will receive your photos in 2 weeks.

Do you use flash? I am a natural light photographer, but in some rare cases, I do provide flash photography / video lights to aid a lighting situation. A prime example would be indoor, cultural hall receptions…

What is a non-refundable retainer fee and why do I need to pay it? This non-refundable retainer fee is meant to ‘save the date’ of your wedding/event. This is due upon booking and goes towards the total of your collection. Due to limited booking, your day is essentially at risk of being booked by someone else and not on my books until this amount is paid.