This is a movie poster I made for my Professional Imaging class. I recently went to Disneyland and it rekindled my love for all things Disney and especially Peter Pan (one of my favorite stories!). I had a lot of fun creating ideas for this poster and I am pleased with the results! I worked an approximate 10 hours on this project including the making of the hat, taking the photos and designing the poster in Photoshop.

I made my Peter Pan hat out of green felt, a paper pattern (found here), and a pheasant feather my husband had. I assembled my strobe light a took some self-portraits in front of it with the Peter Pan hat I created. From my best image, I cut out my body using color range and used that image in front of a moon image. From there I cut out the bottom of my image to align with the curve of the moon. To make the moon have a glowing effect, I added a gradient to the background image and placed the moon in front of the white radius. I found free brushes for the stars on and a free fonts on for my “Peter Pan” title and the movie credits font. For the Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios logos, I found high resolution images on google, made them all white in photoshop by replacing the color. I then pasted them into poster design.

This was a fun project and I have been thinking about making a line of movie posters similar to this for future projects. I hope you enjoy it!



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